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PSE&G Wins Award for Electric Service Reliability for the 22nd Consecutive Year

Nov. 2, 2023
The utility was also honored for outstanding customer engagement by PA Consulting.

Public Service Electric & Gas, New Jersey’s largest utility, is the recipient of the 2023 ReliabilityOne® Award for Outstanding Reliability Performance in the Mid-Atlantic Metropolitan Service Area and the 2023 ReliabilityOne Outstanding Customer Engagement Award. ReliabilityOne Awards are given annually by PA Consulting to utilities that have achieved outstanding reliability performance and have excelled in delivering the most reliable electric service to their customers.

“Our customers have evolving energy needs and expectations. We work hard every day strengthening and improving our system to provide reliable electric service now and into the future,” said Jack Bridges, vice president PSE&G Electric Operations. “We’re very proud of our excellent reliability record over these 22 consecutive years and we thank our employees for their constant dedication, which translates into our customers receiving outstanding electric service reliability.”

Outstanding Customer Engagement
New this year, PA Consulting is also presenting the national 2023 ReliabilityOne® Outstanding Customer Engagement Award to PSE&G for having the best overall customer approach and ongoing strategy to seek innovative methods of involving and proactively engaging customers as it relates to outage reporting and restoration communications. The combination of these two national awards reaffirms PSE&G as a leader in delivering best-in-class electric service reliability while also providing a positive customer experience.

“Listening to our customers is a top priority, so we are thrilled to receive this special customer award and want to recognize everyone on the Customer Care team and throughout the Utility who are deeply committed to improving our customer experience,” said Dave Johnson, vice president PSE&G Customer Care & Chief Customer Officer. “We are using technology to create new ways to engage with our customers by providing real-time access to conduct business with us when and where they want to.”  

Outstanding Electric Service Reliability
PSE&G improves electric reliability service by strengthening and upgrading its infrastructure. One major effort continues to be adding more smart devices across the state to bolster resiliency and reliability. The utility is also implementing new ways to communicate with its customers during both blue-sky days and major weather events. This enables us to engage directly with our customers and convey accurate information in a more-timely manner, creating a more positive customer experience.

“For the last 23 years, the ReliabilityOne Awards have highlighted outstanding electric utility providers who resiliently build a more positive future for their customers,” said Derek HasBrouck, PA Consulting’s ReliabilityOne Program Director. “I am honored to recognize PSE&G as an industry leader for delivering outstanding service reliability, restoration efforts and customer engagement.”

This honor marks the 22nd consecutive year PSE&G has received the Mid-Atlantic Region award. In the past, PSE&G also has been honored by PA Consulting with awards for national excellence, response to a major outage event, outage response time, customer engagement and the Outstanding Customer Reliability Experience Award in 2020.

“These awards are a true testament to the hard work our employees have contributed to strengthen our system,” said John Latka, senior vice president PSE&G Electric Transmission and Distribution. “We have teams that have dedicated their entire careers to improving electric service reliability and responding to customers’ needs. This recognition, combined with our stellar reliability performance, is something our employees and their families should be extremely proud knowing their dedication and support has improved the quality of life for our 2.3 million electric customers.”

All utilities operating dense electric delivery networks in North America are eligible for consideration for the ReliabilityOne Award. There are eight metropolitan service regional awards including Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Plains, Mountains, West, Southeast, and Southwest. The selection of provisional recipients is based primarily on system reliability statistics that measure the frequency and duration of customer outages.

After provisional recipients are selected, each company undergoes a certification process, which provides an independent review and confirmation of the policies, processes and systems used to collect, analyze and report a company's reliability results.

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