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Xylem Sensus Residential Smart Meter Includes EV-based Detection

Dec. 15, 2023
The smart meter uses edge computing to measure and deliver EV charging data.

The new Stratus IQ+ electricity meter from Sensus, a Xylem brand, is designed to enhance distribution system management for utilities to deliver more data – including EV-based detection.

The digital smart meter’s processor and expanded data set options allow electric utilities to pull more system diagnostics, giving them a health check of their distribution system and awareness of customer electricity usage.

The growing needs of the electric vehicle (EV) market are also being met in the Stratus IQ+ through its battery EV-based detection. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can extract battery EV charging data in a matter of seconds through edge computing. The Stratus IQ+ can capture this consumption and deliver it to utilities for better planning for capacity and off-peak incentive program management.

The meter monitors energy consumption in near-real time, and advanced functionalities allow for data to be recorded, transmitted and received at a keystroke. This smart meter provides commercial and industrial (C&I) strength capabilities in a residential meter, according to Xylem.

Additional features include:

  • Customizable applications to enhance grid edge capabilities
  • Expansion card slot for future computing capacity with the Sensus FlexNet communication network or alternate communications such as cellular, Wi-Fi or both
  • A rugged design that improves protection against weather, rough handling, theft or tampering
  • “Software-defined metrology” features that help utilities improve efficiency, cost savings and safety
  • Learn more about how the Stratus IQ+ improves utility management and grid edge performance.

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