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ComEd Prepares Reliable Energy Supply for Severe Weather and Rising Temperatures

May 8, 2023
The utility presents summer readiness plan and outlines initiatives to support Illinois' climate goals while enhancing grid reliability and customer service.

ComEd has taken proactive measures to ensure reliable energy supply, as severe weather patterns becoming increasingly frequent and high summer temperatures putting strain on the electric grid. Recently, the company presented its summer readiness plan and future initiatives to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

During the presentation, ComEd highlighted various programs and processes aimed at mitigating the impact of severe weather. This includes ComEd's distribution automation investments, which has successfully prevented over 15 million customer outages, according to the utility. ComEd also uses light detection and ranging (Lidar) to identify trees vulnerable to climate change effects. Furthermore, an outage prediction tool utilizes system data analytics to enable effective preventative maintenance.

ComEd’s investments in grid enhancements have yielded significant reliability improvements in 2022. Since 2011, overall reliability has increased by over 80% and the company avoided over 19 million power outages, saving customers over $3.3 billion in outage-related costs during the period. In 2022, 85% of ComEd customers (around 3.5 million) experienced either zero or only one interruption in service.

Additionally, ComEd is committed to supporting the policy objectives outlined in Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA). The company is taking steps to facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles, electrification of buildings and industry, all while ensuring grid safety and reliability. The company submitted its multi-year grid and rate plans to the ICC in January, addressing the necessary physical and digital infrastructure upgrades required to meet these goals. These plans align with ComEd 2030, the company's vision for a carbon-free energy future that benefits all communities and meets the evolving needs of its customers throughout the coming years.

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