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Emerson Unveils Renewable and Energy Storage Integration Software

Feb. 2, 2023
Ovation Green will help power companies navigate the sustainable energy economy, according to automation firm Emerson.

Power automation firm Emerson is rolling out the Ovation Green portfolio to assist power companies with navigating the energy transition toward integrating more renewable energy use as well as energy storage.

With the recently bought Mita-Teknik software and Ovation automation capacity as well as cybersecurity solutions and remote management capabilities, Emerson expanded its power-based control architecture. The resulting portfolio focuses on the emerging clean energy market to provide simplified renewables automation to help power producers build and scale sustainable operations.

Renewable electricity capacity has seen record growth in recent years. However, transitioning to cleaner energy systems or scaling up existing ones is a complex undertaking for power producers.

Wind turbines, solar arrays, lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen electrolyzers and hydroelectric power all use a wide variety of automation software and technologies.

As renewable portfolios grow, the number of applied technologies will multiply, increasing learning curves and adding complexity to operations as solutions from different vendors require additional integration.

While some existing systems can provide layers of connectivity between very specific assets, the Ovation Green portfolio will deliver a single set of purpose-built software and solutions that supports different technologies in one standardized, intuitive system.

Full access to real-time and historical operations information empowers owners and operators with greater visibility and control of all renewable assets across the enterprise. Through an integrated portfolio of data-driven asset control and management solutions, Ovation Green technologies provide secure, standardized access to data, independent of equipment manufacturer or system type, across a single or multiple sites.

By gathering, collating and contextualizing vast amounts of data created by renewable generation and storage assets, Emerson’s Ovation Green portfolio provides a clear view of renewable operations in a seamless space. The portfolio will empower actionable intelligence from a unified platform to drive faster, more informed decisions to increase availability and production while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

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