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Hydro Ottawa Adds New Features to its Online Customer Service Portal

A series of new web enhancements and functionalities have been added to MyHydroLink, Hydro Ottawa’s online customer service portal, to improve accuracy, service quality and the overall customer experience.

Customers now have the ability to set and manage thresholds online to receive e-mail notifications pertaining to their usage (kWh), cost ($$$), high price usage (on-peak), as well as a payment past due alert. Another feature offered to our customers is the ability to enroll in e-billing, making the service easier to use on a 24/7 basis.

These new web enhancements and functionalities are in addition to the standard fare already in place at www.hydroottawa.com/myhydrolink. Here customers can view their electricity usage with hourly consumption breakdowns available the next day. Billing and payment history is accessible as well as current account balance. Customers can also process their move online and sign up for pre-authorized payments.

Use of Hydro Ottawa’s online customer service portal has seen substantial growth with over 20% of Hydro Ottawa’s customer’s now registered. In addition, electronic billing has been a popular addition with a 46% increase in subscribers since January 2011.

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