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Upsolar an international provider of solar photovoltaic modules

Upsolar Expands Presence in Japan

Upsolar, an international provider of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, announces the completion of two projects in Japan, including the debut of Upsolar’s smart modules in one of the world’s fastest-growing solar markets.

Upsolar’s 48-kW system in the city of Anjo is the first in Japan to use the company’s smart modules featuring patented power optimization technology from Tigo Energy. Smart modules enable Upsolar to offer its customers increased system performance while allowing for design flexibility in challenging environments, including partially shaded sites.

Smart module systems are also equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to track performance at the module level for greater transparency into their clean energy investments. In addition, the technology’s PV-Safe function allows for deactivation of the system at the module level, improving overall system safety by eliminating high voltage for emergency or maintenance teams.

Upsolar also recently unveiled a 1-MW project in Kyushu. Featuring 4,200 UP-M240P polycrystalline modules, the system will power operations for the Mitax Corp.

Upsolar first entered the Japanese market in 2010 and has since provided its high-quality modules for use in residential, commercial and utility-scale projects nationwide.

Visit www.upsolar.com and www.tigoenergy.com.

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