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Seattle City Light Seeks Proposals for Renewable Energy

Seattle City Light has issued a request for proposals for up to 150,000 MWh of renewable energy or renewable energy credits per year, beginning in 2020. Source projects must qualify as eligible under Washington state's renewable portfolio standard, approved by voters in 2006. The Seattle utility will require a minimum output guarantee and credit assurances, and will consider proposals for equity ownership.

As stated in the RFP, City Light will consider a broad range of proposals, technologies and contractual arrangements. The utility will require potential providers to demonstrate creditworthiness to develop the project(s) offered and deliver the electrical energy and/or renewable energy credits over the indicated contract length.

Any party submitting a proposal must be the owner of the eligible resource or renewable energy credits, or have written authorization from the owner to submit a proposal. Baseload or dispatchable resources are preferred to complement the existing supply resources, which are predominately hydroelectric.

For additional information on submitting a proposal, contact Robert Cromwell, director of power contracts and resource acquisition, at [email protected]

Visit www.seattle.gov.

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