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How Sunny is Your State?  Gary Kavanagh/iStock/Thinkstock

How Sunny is Your State?

A State-by-State Look at New IPP and Utility-Owned Solar PV Projects

How does your state rank? According to the most recently reported EIA Electric Power Monthly data, solar photovoltaic facilities planned or under construction by IPPs or Utilities total 12,623 MW across 32 of the 50 states.  A table extracted from the EIA report is shown on the next page (based on results regarding "Planned U.S. Electric Generating Unit Additions," page 137).

The top 10 states can be viewed two ways, as shown in the charts below, which provide rankings based on the number of these major PV projects per state, and also based on the related total installed capacity, summing up the nameplate capacity of each planned project.

Planned PV Projects


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