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Vineyard Offshore Submits Proposal For 1,200 MW Offshore Wind Project In New England

April 1, 2024
Export cable from the project will make landfall in New London and interconnect with the New England power grid in Montville.

Vineyard Offshore, an offshore wind development company, has submitted a proposal, Vineyard Wind 2, for a 1,200 MW offshore wind project to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island responding to the New England states’ solicitation for up to 6,800 MW of offshore wind capacity.  

The proposal includes more than 200 letters of support from local officials, suppliers, and stakeholders for all three states to witness positive economic impact from the proposed project. It is also supported by an offshore wind tribal benefit agreement signed with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

The proposed project will deliver 1,200 MW of clean, reliable energy to the New England grid, enough to power more than 650,000 homes, beginning 2031. It will also avoid 2.1 million tons of CO2 emissions per year across the region, equivalent to removing 414,000 cars from the road, as well as improve air quality and reduce pollution-related health costs and environmental impacts. 

The project will be located 29 miles south of Nantucket in lease area OCS-522, which is held by funds managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), for which Vineyard Offshore serves as U.S. development partner.

Vineyard Offshore has proposed a comprehensive multi-state project to provide substantial investments in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, responding to the New England solicitation’s aim of creating cross-cutting regional economic impact. These investments include:

  • Offshore construction in Salem, MA: Salem Offshore Wind Terminal will be the staging site for wind turbine installation, providing union jobs and boosting an emerging offshore wind workforce and supply chain on the North Shore.
  • Foundation components in Providence, RI: Vineyard Offshore plans to source secondary steel components for foundations, internal and external platforms, boat landings, etc. from Riggs Distler, working at its current operation in the Port of Providence (ProvPort) or at a new site being developed in East Providence, utilizing union labor and regional subcontractors.
  • Grid interconnection in Montville, CT: Export cable from Vineyard Wind 2 Wind will make landfall in New London and interconnect with the New England power grid in Montville, employing hundreds of union workers for construction of the onshore cable route and substation.
  • Operations and Maintenance in New Bedford, MA: Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for the completed offshore wind facility will be located at the New Bedford Foss Marine Terminal, providing long-term jobs and strengthening the city of New Bedford, which is currently hosting construction of Vineyard Wind 1, as a regional hub for the offshore wind industry.

The project will generate approximately $2.3 billion in direct expenditure and 3,800 job-years of employment across New England, with over $1.5 billion realized in Massachusetts, along with 80% of regional employment. 

Electricity market impacts and other benefits of about $4.8 billion over 20 years from adding 1,200 MW of offshore wind to the New England grid include $600 million from reduced wholesale electricity market rates and avoidance of winter price spikes.

It will also provide up to $37.5 million in directly funded initiatives to promote an inclusive offshore wind workforce and supply chain, position the region as a global climate innovation lab, address energy burdens in low- and moderate-income households, and advance regional research efforts in fisheries and the environment.

“Our project will deliver more than $2 billion in economic benefits, create opportunities for workers and local businesses, and build on partnerships with local governments, organizations, and institutions across all three states, and we have the local support to show for it,” said Vineyard Offshore CEO Alicia Barton. “By making effective use of ports, facilities, and interconnection points throughout the region, Vineyard Wind 2 offers the most economic project configuration possible while delivering economic benefits for all three states.”

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