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APS Files 2023 APS Integrated Resource Plan at Arizona Corporation Commission

Nov. 9, 2023
APS customers will need about 11,350 MW of electricity, equivalent to serve about 1.8 million Arizona homes by the end of 2027.

APS has filed the 2023 APS Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) at the Arizona Corporation Commission, which provides a 15-year outlook on electricity demand of APS customers and investments necessary to address the needs with continuous energy in between growing number of people and businesses moving to Arizona.

According to an extensive modeling and data analysis by APS resource planners, APS customers will need about 11,350 MW of electricity, equivalent to serve about 1.8 million Arizona homes, by the end of 2027.

By 2031, APS customers will require a total of more than 13,000 MW and peak demand will grow by about 40%, while APS customers will need more than 14,820 MW of electricity by 2038.

Arizona’s population is expected to increase an average of more than 1.3 percent annually, equivalent to about 23,000 new APS customers each year. APS expects more than one million EVs in its service territory by 2037.

By 2027, APS will add more than 6,000 MW of solar and wind power, coupled with battery storage, which will provide long-term value and affordability to customers. With this technology, APS can capture clean renewable energy and store it for customers to use later during desired conditions.

APS plans to exit from coal-fired electricity generation in 2031 to utilize natural gas resources and make use of existing infrastructure to maintain customer affordability.

“Our state is growing rapidly and when we think about how important reliable power is for customers, and especially considering the unique challenges Arizona’s summers bring, it’s critical we plan years in advance,” said Jacob Tetlow, APS executive vice president of Operations. “Our team has worked collaboratively with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop the 2023 IRP and find pathways to continue to provide top-tier reliability, while maintaining affordable rates, for our customers well into the future.”

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