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ACS and PSI Form Technology Partnership

Sept. 28, 2017
ACS Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) and the PSI Energy Management System (EMS) Leverage complementarities

With several collaborative projects already underway at U.S. utilities, Norcross, Georgia-based Advanced Control Systems (ACS) and PSI Software AG have announced a new strategic partnership.

Under the agreement, ACS and PSI will be combining complementary solutions across two of their key T&D offerings in North America.  aking ACS's strong advanced distribution management (ADMS) market presence across the Americas, the new technology partnership will combines PSI's extensive experience in Transmission Energy Management Systems (EMS) and extensive renewables expertise.

The resulting scalable solution will be equipped to handle the challenges of renewables integration and optimization of grid assets in both large and small utilities.

Kevin Sullivan, CEO of ACS, commented, "PSI and ACS are both market leaders and innovators in the utility software space. PSI has grown market share across Europe and built a portfolio that allows utilities to solve their toughest problems, while ACS has focused on the distribution challenges with advanced algorithms that report outages, restore, and self-configure the network. By partnering with PSI, we are pushing the boundaries of advanced real-time system deployments with an innovative and adaptive platform that allows our customers to keep up with the ever-changing supply and use of energy."

CEO of PSI, Dr. Harald Schrimpf, said the strategic partnership with ACS “will bring our European EMS technology to the markets and customers of our competent partner, ACS. We offer the full set of EMS functions for unbundled energy markets. And on top of that, we offer unique functionality for combined energy grids and an autopilot to stabilize and economically optimize electrical grids which are or will be exposed to abnormally high fluctuations from massive renewables or massive electric vehicle charging."

ACS is currently deploying the first two projects in North America with the integration of the PSI advanced EMS applications into the ACS PRISM solution.

The full press release is available at this link.

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