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Mexico Aims to Top California's Solar Might

March 3, 2017
After sweeping energy market reforms, Mexico has ambitious plans to erect more solar units than dot California landscape.

Mexico has ambitious plans for a renewable power surge, building more than the equivalent of California’s current installed solar power fleet, according to a Mexican official.

To accomplish that goal, the county must expand its now small base of solar installations 25-fold.

“We have the potential to have exponential growth in the coming years to reach around 6.9 gigawatts of solar power,” said Guillermo Zuñiga, commissioner of Mexico Energy Regulatory Commission.


Listen in to a conversation with Guillermo Zuñiga, a featured offering of our new, wide-ranging ENERGY TALKS podcast series. Click here to listen.


California now has 4.5 gigawatts of solar, according to California Solar Statistics.

And Mexico has 270 megawatts, according to Zuñiga.

Zuñiga will keynote the upcoming Renewables Rush executive energy conference in San Francisco on April 5.

 “We are looking at the best practices, the best experiences, the best environments and I can tell you we will apply this,” Zuñiga said. “We have found in California a very good example of how things are being done in a successful manner.

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