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CG Installs Substation Automation System at Latin America's Largest Photovoltaic Power Plant

April 15, 2014
Avantha Group Co. CG’s Automation Business Unit has installed in the Llanos de LLampo substation in Chile a complete 61850 SAS based on ZIV protection IEDs and a SAS gateway.

Avantha Group Company CG’s Automation Business Unit, through the Spanish contractor Isastur, has installed in the Llanos de LLampo substation in Chile a complete 61850 SAS-based on ZIV protection IEDs and a SAS gateway, also providing the associated engineering, system integration, commissioning, and training services. The size of the order is 500.000 Euros.

SunEdison’s 100-Megawatt Llano de Llampos substation is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It distributes the energy generated by the largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Latin America (100 MW). The Substation's PV modules transform sunlight radiation into direct current (DC) electric power after converting it to alternating current (AC) by means of an inverter. This power is then distributed through the Sistema Interconectado Central High Voltage (HV) power lines.

After acquiring ZIV, CG is a key provider and an important player in the global smart grid market where it offers ZIV meters, protections, communication and automation solutions. CG offers innovative Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and Distribution Automation Solutions (DAS) commercialized under the ZIV® brand. ZIV has successfully been working in Latin America for the last 16 years supplying its IEDs and Systems to the main Utilities in the Region.

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