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1-MW System Moves Wisconsin Closer to Goal of 10% Renewable Energy by 2015

Wisconsin’s first stand-alone utility-scale solar energy project is under way in Jefferson, Wisconsin, U.S. Half Moon Ventures (HMV) awarded S&C Electric Co. the contract to construct the project, which is expected to enter into service by the end of the year. The solar energy facility will be the state’s first solar energy project that directly connects to the power grid, and it will help meet Wisconsin’s renewable portfolio standard goal of 10% of power coming from renewable sources by 2015.

The project will be located in the business park in Jefferson. HMV has contracted with WPPI Energy to purchase the output from the project. WPPI Energy is the wholesale power supplier serving the community’s municipally owned utility, Jefferson Utilities, as well as 50 other locally owned, not-for-profit utilities in Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.

S&C will take the lead on the project by engineering, procuring and constructing the balance of plant and utility interconnection. To reduce costs and lead times, S&C’s 25-kV System VI Switchgear will be used as the interconnection solution between the solar farm and WPPI’s electrical distribution system. Green Earth Developers will provide preliminary engineering and construction management services.

Once on-line, the solar project will generate more than 1.5 million kWh of clean energy annually. HMV intends to use this project as a template for future utility-scale solar developments across the state.

For more information, visit www.sandc.com and www.hm-venture.com.

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