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New 3M Locator Is Optimized for Finding Pipe

The new 3M Dynatel Advanced Pipe/Cable Locator 2220M is specially designed to locate underground pipes. The easy-to-use locator is rugged enough to stand up to the worst field conditions, yet is highly sensitive to deliver accurate results.

The locator’s two active trace frequencies, 8 kHz and 82 kHz, can be used for most underground locating applications as its enhanced inductive capability provides the maximum allowed induction power. In addition, the receiver can detect passive power (50/60 Hz) and radio (15k-30 kHz) for damage avoidance as well as remote transmitters such as Sondes and pipeline inspection cameras. The operator can choose the frequency best suited for the situation.

The receiver provides the familiar bar graph, signal strength and direction indication to the pipe or cable, which helps the operator distinguish the target pipe or cable in congested areas. A push-button digital depth readout in inches, feet or centimeters provides quick, easy depth measurements in active, passive power and Sonde modes.

3M www.3M.com/dynatel

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