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Hitachi Energy to Supply HVDC Technology for SunZia Wind Project

May 9, 2023
Hitachi Energy’s HVDC Light technology will connect the 3,500 MW SunZia Wind project in New Mexico to the power grid in Arizona and Southern California, providing renewable energy to millions of Americans.

Hitachi Energy has been chosen by Pattern Energy to provide high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology for the SunZia Transmission Project, which will link the 3,500 MW SunZia Wind project in New Mexico to the power grid in Arizona and Southern California. This project is expected to be one of the world's largest transmission links, which will deliver renewable energy.

Hitachi Energy’s HVDC Light technology will transfer and integrate vast volumes of wind power over more than 885 kilometers (550 miles) into the regional power grid efficiently. This will significantly increase the availability of sustainable energy for homes and businesses throughout the region. SunZia Wind will have a total power capacity of 3,500 MW, which will provide renewable electricity to approximately three million Americans. The HVDC link will transmit up to 3,000 MW of this power west to Arizona.

Hitachi Energy has already started designing and engineering the two HVDC Light converter stations, one at either end of the link. Quanta Services is partnering with Hitachi Energy to provide a turnkey project solution for the SunZia project, including managing the HVDC construction and building installation at the associated project sites. Hitachi Energy will also supply alternating current (AC) chopper technology to restore power if the power flow on the DC line or in the AC grid in Arizona is temporarily interrupted by weather or other contingency events.

To ensure that the new facility’s impact on the existing grid is optimal, Hitachi Energy’s consultants conducted a system study and a comprehensive interconnection and system impact analysis. The HVDC converter stations are expected to be in-service by the end of 2025 to support final testing and commissioning of the SunZia Wind facilities in 2026.

Hitachi Energy has delivered over half of the HVDC projects in North America, including the Pacific Intertie transmission system, the Quebec-New England link, and the Maritime link. The company has also recently announced new HVDC projects, including Champlain Hudson Power Express, the Châteauguay converter station modernization with Hydro Quebec, and the InterMountain Power Project.

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