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Kiewit Engineering Now Offers BOLD Technology for Compact Overhead Transmission Lines

May 23, 2018
Energized BOLD lines are currently in operation on the American Electric Power

Through a licensing agreement with BOLD Transmission LLC, Kiewit Engineering Group Inc. can now offer utilities new technology and design options for overhead transmission lines. The patented Breakthrough Overhead Line Design (BOLD) technology features a compact, low-profile structure that maximizes the use of land, while providing high-capacity performance.

“The dynamics of power delivery are evolving and the needs of the market have changed,” said Jon Gribble, executive vice president, Kiewit Engineering Group Inc. “There is a demand to increase system capacity and reliability while maximizing the right-of-way through less land use. There is also a need to strategically rebuild lines in existing corridors, which are often restrictive and constrained. BOLD provides a viable solution in helping utilities overcome these challenges.”

Energized BOLD lines are currently in operation on the American Electric Power (AEP) transmission system in Indiana, with additional projects underway in Ohio and elsewhere. Through its licensing agreement, Kiewit can integrate BOLD into power delivery projects as an extension of its comprehensive engineering services.

As utilities focus more heavily on replacing aging infrastructure, BOLD offers an efficient, streamlined solution. It does not require complex specialized equipment, such as series capacitators. In addition, its lower height and aesthetic appeal is more widely accepted by the general public.

The award-winning BOLD design has been recognized by the Edison Electric Institute and is the recipient of the International Tower Design Award and the 2017 Utility Industry Innovation in Electric award from the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. 

Kiewit Engineering Group Inc. offers consulting and engineering services to the infrastructure and engineering markets. With a combined staff of more than 1,200 engineers and design professionals, our expertise spans all major engineering disciplines–process, process safety, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and controls, civil and structural.

The company’s construction-driven engineering focuses on constructability and safety in the earliest phases of projects to ensure on-time, on-budget project delivery. We apply constructability standards to all of our engineering and design services, from pre-FEED studies through detailed design. This results in minimal design changes during project execution and ensures engineering deliverables are produced in the correct sequence — and at the right stage — of the project. As a result, projects are built with the greatest safety, quality and efficiency performance, without compromising schedule and cost.

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