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Navigant Research Identifies 2,258 Microgrid Projects, Representing Nearly 20 GW of Capacity

Jan. 17, 2019
Since 2Q 2018, Navigant Research has identified more than 240 additional microgrid projects

A new report from Navigant Research presents data on known grid-tied and remote microgrid projects in the planned, developing, and deployed stages across six geographies and seven microgrid segments.

Since 2Q 2018, Navigant Research has identified more than 240 additional microgrid projects, representing over 1,239 MW. As of 4Q 2018, globally, Navigant has identified 2,258 microgrid projects representing 19,575.0 MW of planned and installed power capacity.

“The 15th edition of the Microgrid Deployment Tracker shows North America is the leading microgrid market in terms of total capacity, followed by Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa,” said Johnathon de Villier, research analyst with Navigant Research. “It also reveals that solar PV and energy storage feature prominently in modern microgrid systems, particularly as rural electrification and energy access programs fuel growth in the remote segment.”

According to the report, remote microgrids represent nearly 40% of all microgrid capacity globally with a total of 7,604.4 MW. The next largest customer segments by capacity are commercial/industrial (C/I) and utility distribution, with 5,542.9 MW and 2,307.9 MW, respectively. The remote segment also leads the market in terms of new capacity additions in this edition of the Tracker, with 67 new entries representing 415.4 MW.

The report, Microgrid Deployment Tracker 4Q18, tracks data on known grid-tied and remote microgrid projects in the proposal, planning, and deployed stages across six regions worldwide. It covers seven market segments: commercial/industrial, community, utility distribution, institutional/campus, military, remote, and direct current. Specific project-level data is provided on total, installed, and planned capacities, generation technology mix, and the 10 U.S. states leading the domestic microgrid market.

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