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Disaster Response

COVID-19 Utility Disconnection Moratoria to Expire for Millions

Jan. 27, 2021
Disconnection moratoria are set to expire while utility arrearages due to COVID-19 reach unprecedented levels.
Marysville, Victoria, Australia rebuilds after the 2009 bushfires. Credit: THPStock, Dreamstime.

U.S. Utilities Apply Wildfire Technology Tested in Australia

Jan. 27, 2021
Technology born to battle Australia’s bushfires is now coming to the aid of West Coast utilities.
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A view from the Washington Monument of the Department of Interior offices in Washington, D.C.
Utility Business

Interior Department Names New Officials to Enact Biden Energy Plan

Jan. 21, 2021
The Department of the Interior Thursday announced dozens of new members of agency leadership, including many who will affect energy policy and the building of new energy infrastructure...
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Main offices of the US Department of Energy in Washington, D.C.
Utility Business

Biden-Harris Energy Department Names New Leaders

Jan. 21, 2021
These officials will direct policy at DOE, coordinate across the administration, and enact President Joe Biden’s vision for climate change policy.
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Andrew Cline Dreamstime

Cleantech Leaders: U.S. is ‘Rejoining the World’ with Biden Administration

Jan. 21, 2021
The U.S. is heading into a new era of renewable energy investment and climate change action according to speakers at the Clean Energy for America Inaugural Ball, a virtual event...


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April 14, 2021
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Smart Utility

Biggest Utility Trends in 2020

Dec. 21, 2020
The bumpy ride we called 2020 also changed the utility industry for the better.
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Energy Storage

What Is Energy Storage Really?

Dec. 2, 2020
A holistic approach to America's energy storage challenge.
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New Report: Top Six Wind Power Trends of 2019

April 22, 2020
Wind energy is powering more U.S. families and businesses than ever before while providing well-paying jobs, investments in rural America, and a cleaner environment.
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Tero Vesalainen
Electric Utility Operations

Customer Satisfaction with Utilities Falls Again, Study Shows

March 24, 2020
Residential customers aren’t happy with the current state of their service. Similar to a year ago, the decline in satisfaction is widespread, with most individual utility companies...