Tutorial: Substation Animal Deterrents

Tutorial: Substation Animal Deterrents

Most electric utilities have experienced the problem of animal intrusions into substations.

Many people may not realize that animals can be a leading cause of electricity outages, which has an adverse impact on overall electric grid reliability. Most electric utilities have experienced the problem of animal intrusions into substations, which has resulted in equipment damage, interruption or loss of service to customers and safety problems for operating personnel.

To address these intrusions from the animal kingdom, IEEE has created the standard IEEE 1264 to guide utilities in deterring animals from causing problems inside substations. This tutorial at the IEEE PES T&D Conference will explain the information contained within the recently revised standard and provide insights from industry experts.

The course material will identify various troublesome animals and the problems caused by their behaviors, while also outlining mitigation methods for both inside and outside the substation fence. In addition, the tutorial describes an example animal mitigation program, documentation methods, recommendations for evaluating effectiveness after the method is applied and past survey findings.


  • Donald Moore, VANQUISH Fencing Incorporated
  • Diane Watkins, Xcel Energy
  • Jim Wilson, Vanquish Fencing
  • John Randolph, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
  • Scott Lehman, Lehman Group
  • Vinod Simha, AEP
  • W. Bruce Dietzman, Transmission Director, Oncor

Ticket Required

Monday, May 02, 2016: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.


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