Substation Engineering

For a century, Stanley Consultants has provided planning, engineering and construction inspection services for thousands of substation, transmission and distribution projects. These projects have been built in all types of terrain and climates from the rain forests of West Africa to the permafrost regions of Alaska.  Substation types include open-air buswork and compact gas insulated substation designs in both urban and rural settings. Stations have ranged in size from 500 kVA through 1500 MVA with source voltages of 2.4 kV through 500 kV. Transmission projects have ranged in voltage from 34.5 kV to 765 kV and include wood pole, steel, concrete and lattice designs. The company has provided design and construction inspection services for over 50,000 miles of overhead and underground transmission line.

  • System Planning
  • Route Selection/ROW Acquisition
  • Permitting
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Substations
  • Construction Management and Inspection Services
  • Owner’s Engineer

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