Substation Bus Accessories

Substation Bus Accessories

AFL has expanded its Swage Substation Bus Accessories product line, adding 5-inch and 6-inch (127-mm to 152-mm) bus accessories to the existing 1-inch through 4-inch (25-mm to 102-mm) bus accessory offering. Additionally, AFL released its Swage Cable Accessories product line and a new Swage press assembly. The assembly produces 360 degrees of compression on Swage accessories, ensuring that the connection is electrically and mechanically sound.

Swage accessories complement AFL’s entire substation family which is made for all substations with voltage up to 765-kV applications that involve cable, pipe, flat or tubular bus and integral web connections. The new 5-inch and 6-inch bus accessories are necessary for highvoltage applications starting at 345 kV and up to 765 kV. The Swage product line provides a full series of fittings involving end caps, expansion joints, couplers, tee and vee connectors, stirrup and ground studs, and terminal connectors.

Swaging, a process used to install substation bus accessories using a hydraulic press, is the ideal solution for areas with shortages on qualified welders or when inclement weather conditions prohibit installation. To compress accessories, a portable Swage Press Assembly is used to swage bus accessories onto a bus pipe.


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