Relay 15 Module Upgrades

Relay 15 Module Upgrades

The RC15 cubicle features three key upgrades from the RC10 that are incorporated into the unit’s Relay 15 module.

First is the integration of a cellular network modem that supports 2G 3G and 4G mobile communications network technologies on all of the worldwide standard spectrum allocations. The cellular modem can be connected to two Yagi antennas for improved reception.

Cellular integration enables utilities to communicate with the RC15 cubicle over long distances on cellular networks to operate or interrogate the ACR, change settings or download new firmware. Long-distance communication is a key requirement for smart grid implementations, particularly for isolated installations. In addition, cellular connectivity enables the RC15 cubicle to automatically integrate both with SCADA systems and NOJA Power’s Recloser App for Apple iOS or Android mobile devices. The Recloser App allows maintenance staff to control the ACR from a smartphone or tablet computer.

Second, the RC15 cubicle incorporates Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. The cubicle supports the 802.11n version of the Wi-Fi protocol which operates in the 2.4-GHz band and has a range of up to 50 metres.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows maintenance staff to communicate with the RC15 cubicle without having to climb the supporting pole. This is an advantage because it improves safety, especially in extreme weather.

Wi-Fi connectivity enables the RC15 cubicle to automatically integrate with NOJA Power’s Recloser App for Apple iOS or Android mobile devices in addition to allowing multiple substation-based ACRs to be linked into the substation’s wireless local area network (WLAN) to accelerate set up or software upgrading.

Third, the RC15 cubicle includes Global Positioning System (GPS) capability which provides accurate time-stamping and location.

Location confirmation can assist utilities in the event of a missed update to the location database after a Relay has been moved between cubicles. Furthermore, the RC15 cubicle’s GPS capability provides mapping co-ordinates which can then be used for automatic population into SCADA mapping systems.

The GPS locator incorporates an accurate clock signal which enables groups of ACRs to synchronise operational timings to within +/- 10 microseconds. This is an advantage for engineers because it simplifies grading (coordination of reclose operations) of ACRs sited along a single feeder. In addition, synchronised operation allows ACR log files to be precisely time-stamped to assist later analysis.

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