Phase Identification and Conductor Cleaning

Phase Identification and Conductor Cleaning

EDM International Inc.’s PhaseTrakker AP30 Atomic provides phase Identification for any environment - indoor or outdoor. It is now available with non-contact sensor for phasing without touching energized equipment.

ConductaClean is a fast and efficient tool for cleaning the ends of overhead conductors prior to compression splicing, reducing premature sleeve failures. It is now available in distribution and transmission versions.

Span Sentry is a dynamic line rating system developed to enhance transmission system performance by monitoring conductor clearance, line current, ambient weather and circuit ampacity.

CartoPac and EDM have teamed up to offer mobile data collection and workflow management software that streamlines and standardizes field asset mapping, inventory and inspection practices. The software can be easily customized for transmission, distribution or substation assets.

RestoraLIGHT is a fast and affordable streetlight pole refurbishment and reinforcement process that increases the life of damaged poles at a fraction of the cost of expensive pole replacement.

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