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Panel Session: Transmission Planning in the Perspective of Renewable Integration

Look for the Transmission Planning in the Perspective of Renewable Integration: Education and Research Initiatives panel session to take place on Tuesday, April 15, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the 2014 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference and Expo.

According to IEEE PES, the objectives of this panel are to bring together experts from industry and academia that are on the forefront of education and research programs in transmission expansion for accommodating renewable sources in the grid. The panel will seek to update the audience on the needs of industry, the capabilities of education programs, planning philosophies, and latest engineering and mathematical tools for transmission expansion. Additionally, case histories and experiences relating to expansion planning for integration of large-scale renewable generation sources will be presented. The panel consisting of speakers from industry, academia, and national labs will bring an international perspective.

Power & Energy Education

14TD0645 - Educational Programs to Cater to the Needs of the Industry for Enabling Higher Penetrations of Renewables in the Transmission Grid

Presenter: Ravi Gorur, US DOE

14TD0644 - Latest Computational and Mathematical Tools for Transmission Expansion

Presenter: Santiago Grijalva

14TD0643 - The Role of HVDC & FACTS in Transmission Expansion Planning for Large Scale Renewable Integration

Presenter: Rambabu Adapa

14TD0642 - Planning Philosophies for High Penetration of Wind and Solar Resources in Transmission Grids

Presenter: Paulo Ribeiro, Federal University of Itajubá

14TD0641 - Case Histories and Experiences Relating to Transmission Expansion for Integrating Large Scale Wind, and Synergy with Educational Programs

Presenter: Eknath Vittal, General Electric
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