MOV Surge Arresters

MOV Surge Arresters

Thomas & Betts’ metal-oxide surge arrestors include the following features:

  • IEEE 386 interfaces provide convenient energized connection with other 200A loadbreak or deadbreak components
  • EPDM molded rubber construction — fully shielded and fully submersible for a variety of applications
  • Compact size enables installation in your existing cabinetry, saving you money
  • Three styles of arresters available fit your application and are easy to install: Elbow (ESATM), Parking Stand (PSATM) and Bushing (BSATM)

The use of overhead arresters alone will not guarantee proper protection of the insulation in the underground portion of an electrical distribution system. The let-through surge from the riser pole arresters into the underground systems could be enough to cause damage. Elastimold MOV Surge Arresters provide high-voltage lightning and switching surge protection of transformers, cable, equipment and other components typically located on underground power distribution systems.

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