General Cable

Medium-Voltage Cable for Solar and Wind

EmPowr Link CL Advantage Cable is the next step in medium-voltage technology to deliver reliability and performance for solar and wind energy collection systems.

General Cable’s EmPowr Link CL Advantage Cable offers physical protection to endure the rigors of today’s collection system installation methods.  This cost-effective cable solution is built on widely accepted electrical advancements of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) jacketing, and optimized neutral designs to provide a compact, lightweight cable.

Rather than conventional round concentric neutral wires, flat strap neutrals encapsulated under the EmPowr Link CL Advantage Cable’s XLPE jacket provide better mechanical protection for the insulated core to withstand the pressures of automated cable handling equipment and an armor-like force to resist potential underground damages.  This minimizes the risk of expensive repairs while enhancing profitability.

General Cable

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