Laminated Wood Structures

LWSLaminated Wood Systems will be highlighting its four main product lines. E-LAM® engineered laminated wood utility structures have been used by countless utilities in North America since 1992. LWS recently was awarded a patent on the PentaTrate® glu-lam manufacturing process. The PentaTrate design allows for full-length penetration of preservative treatment in the inner zone of the pole, significantly improving the already long life of E-LAM poles. The patented PhaseRaiser Structure Lifting System has been used to safely raise over 8000 energized wood transmission structures. Utilities can increase conductor clearance an additional 5, 10, 15 or 20 feet without taking an outage. LWS will also be featuring the patented PoleEnforcer®  groundline reinforcement system and the PRS Pole Reclassification System®.

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