Jobsite Lights

Jobsite Lights

As a first-time exhibitor, Ventry Solutions, Inc. will be introducing Lentry Lights to the utilities market. Lentry Lights turn night into day and quietly provide hours of light to make your job easier and safer. Lentry Lights are all-terrain, portable, self-contained jobsite lighting systems that light large areas and provide computer-safe power even in challenging terrain. Lentry Lights are bright and quiet so you can use them for precise work or large areas without drawing attention or disturbing the neighbors. They are versatile, economical alternatives to trailer-mounted light towers and ground-hugging generator lights.

Legs allow fast, easy, one-person deployment. They stand solidly on hills and uneven ground; they stand in water and snow and sand; they aren’t limited by unpredictable or challenging terrain. The lights telescope up and aim in any direction, ranging from 3 to 13 feet tall, fully extended. The legs and lights retract for storage and transport and the lights, if desired, come off with the turn of a knob.

There are many models from which to choose. Keep a Lentry System handy in a truck compartment or leave it at the shop until you need it. Lentry Power & Light Systems make every tool you have easier and safer to use by letting you see what you are doing.

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