HVDC Transmission and FACTS Fundamentals Panel Session

There has been a renewed interest in the application of HVDC transmission schemes in recent years, for applications including back-to-back converters, bulk power transfer, and off-shore wind applications, as well as proposals for HVDC grids. In addition, applications requiring dynamic reactive compensation utilizing FACTS controllers have been increasing. Reactive compensation is often used to improve voltage regulation or to enhance power transfer. In many cases, reactive compensation using fixed or mechanically switched capacitors is sufficient. However, some applications require the reactive compensation to vary dynamically using FACTS devices. This panel session introduces fundamental concepts of both HVDC transmission and FACTS controllers. The presentations are tutorial in nature and do not presume familiarity with power electronics. It is intended that these sessions will provide the background material that enables attendees to proceed to the more technically advanced presentations in this conference.

Brian Johnson of University of Idaho will moderate.

Date: Tuesday, April 15
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Presentations and Panelists

14TD0664 - Fundamental Concepts of Dynamic Reactive Compensation and HVDC Transmission


Brian Johnson
Univerity of Idaho

14TD0666 - HVDC Project Implementation


Wayne Litzenberger
POWER Engineers

14TD0665 - Elements of FACTS Controllers


Rajiv Varma
University of Western Ontario

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