High Voltage Test Facility

Manitoba Hydro’s HVTF offers high voltage electrical insulation testing services in Winnipeg MB. The main HV test hall is 41 m x 38 m with 21 m clearance from floor to bridge crane, and has rail access directly into the hall.  We are available to test power transformers, instrument transformers, bushings, aerial lift devices and line hardware.

  • Lightning impulse 2200 kV
  • Switching impulse 1300 kV
  • Applied 60 Hz voltage with PD measurement 800 kV
  • Direct voltage with polarity reversal ±1200 kV
  • Direct voltage with PD measurement  ±1000 kV
  • Induced overvoltage
  • No load loss
  • Full load loss (up to 120 MVAr capacitive compensation)
  • Corona on line hardware

Our material’s lab is also available to conduct Thermal Cycling, Voltage Endurance, PD screening, and failure analysis of stator coils and bars as well as accelerated aging and analysis of cables.

Manitoba Hydro HVTF |

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