Helicopter Inspections

Helicopter Inspections

Nowadays, numerous inspections of overhead distribution and transmission lines are carried out by helicopters. Pergam consolidated as many as possible of the inspection tasks in one single mission to significantly reduce helicopter and mobilization costs. During a single flight, the visual inspection is performed by a dedicated line expert, an infrared sensor detects hotspots and temperature deviations, a corona camera indicates partial discharges, and two high definition cameras document the general condition of the system including the right of way. After the flight, a comprehensive report provides detailed information on all components that need attention along with a complete video documentation. All data are geo-referenced and recorded in a format that can be easily imported in all common data management and field inspection platforms such as ESRI ArcGIS or PLS-CADD.  Additional services like LiDAR surveys or aerial insulator washing are offered in cooperation with partner companies under one common project management utilizing the same helicopter mobilization.

Pergam maintains a nationwide helicopter partner network throughout the United States and Canada to provide local geographical knowledge at competitive rates. Alternatively, the helicopter fleet of the utility can be used.

The multi-sensor FLIR Corona C350 gimbal will also be exhibited.

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