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The LAD100 is designed to bring a small drill with deep drilling capabilities to severely restricted access jobs. With a weight of approximately 23,000 lbs. (8,600 kg) and torque ratings of 10,000 ft.-lbs. (14 kN-m) at production drill speeds, you don’t lose engine power with size on this machine. The LAD100 offers drilling speeds as high as 60 RPM where many competitors peak out below 10 RPM. It has been designed for drilling diameters of up to 42” (1,050 mm) and drilling depths of maximum 70 ft. (21 m). It is driven by a Volvo ECR88D but can be mounted on any excavator in the similar weight class. The attachment height on this LAD is 7’11” (2.4 m). The LAD series allows utility companies to work in and around hot substations. No waiting for outages to get the job done. This saves thousands of dollars in outages, man labor, and time. With torque ranges from 5,000 ft.-lbs. (6.8 kN-m) to 40,000 ft.-lbs. (54 kN-m) the LAD series make the tough restricted height and space jobs easy.

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