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Cyber Security Applied to P&C IEDs

The 2014 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference features several technical papers. This particular paper, Cyber Security Applied to P&C IEDs highlights basic cyber security features that Protection and Control Intelligent Electronic Devices (P&C IEDs) should implement considering the current cyber security standardization efforts. Although it can be said that all functional aspects regarding the securization of IEDs are covered by these standards, there are still some gaps or lack of definition. Currently, it’s difficult to install IEDs from different manufacturers within the same cyber security system. This paper emphasizes those aspects requiring additional definition and implementation of interoperability. It is part of the poster session: Power System Relaying.

Javier López Sarralde, the main author, received his M.S. degree on Telecommunications Engineering from Basque Country University, Spain in 1999. He joined ZIV in 1999 as a Software Engineer. He is currently working as Application Engineer for ZIV GRID AUTOMATION, being responsible in   this area for the development of new IEC61850 features. He is a recent member of IECTC57 WG15.

José Miguel Yarza, co-author, received his M.S. degree on Electrical Engineering from Basque Country University. He later obtained a Master Degree on “Quality and Security in electrical energy delivery. Power system protections” from the same University, and a MBA from ESEUNE Business School in 2008. He is presently Manager at ZIV R&D, where he works since 1996. He is a member of AENOR SC57 (Spanish standardization body), IEC TC57 WG10 and several CIGRÉ working groups.

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