Computer-Aided Protection Software

Electrocon International, the full-service developer and marketer of CAPE software for protection system simulation and data management, will demonstrate CAPE 14, the next-generation version of Electrocon’s CAPE family of computer-aided protection. Supporting the system protection function within electric power utilities, CAPE is used by transmission, distribution and generation companies as well as electrical engineering firms in more than 50 countries on six continents worldwide. CAPE offers extensive tools for detailed relay modeling that help engineers manage voluminous and complex network data, uncover potential problems, and examine alternative solutions.

CAPE 14 includes a number of new features designed to enhance usability and improve engineer productivity including: 

  • Automated time-distance diagrams with option to store in database.
  • Edit forms for adjusting existing double/triple/quadruple, ring, and breaker-and-a-half detailed bus structures.
  • Point-to-point line structure for graphical representation of transmission lines, point buses, bus ties, transformers, and shunts.
  • On-line documentation with fast, simultaneous keyword-searching across all help.
  • Support for NERC standards PRC-019-1 (coordination of Generator Voltage Regulator Controls with Unit Capabilities and Protection), PRC-023-2 Transmission Relay Loadability), PRC-025-1 (Generator Relay Loadability), PRC-026-1 (Stable power Swing Relay Loadability), and
  • PRC-027-1 (Protection System Coordination for Performance during Faults).
  • CAPE-TS Link™ option to integrate the detailed protection system model of CAPE with the time-domain model of the Siemens PTI PSS®E transient stability simulation.
  • IPS-CAPE Bridge™ optional to provide two-way data exchange between the IPS-RELEX™ protection system data management software and the CAPE protection system simulation environment.
  • Special support for generator protection coordination tasks; display of generator capability curves; loss-of-field protection.
  • Frequency relay models.
  • Volts-per-Hertz relay models.
  • 100+ new detailed relay models developed since CAPE 2010 bringing the total relays to more than 6000 detailed relay styles, reclosers and fuses.
  • Modeling of generator and induction motor fault decay in Short Circuit, System Simulator, and Relay Checking.
  • Support for modeling unbalanced three-phase transformers.
  • Enhanced Shunt Capacitor Bank Performance macro.
  • Quickscan fault studies.
  • Quick protection system simulations in Short Circuit.
  • CT saturation simulation in differential relays.
  • Short-circuit and relay checking simulation speed enhancements.
  • Enhanced hot key combinations.
  • Sliding fault impedance feature.

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