Collapsible Oil Storage Tanks

Collapsible Oil Storage Tanks

With the collapsible pillow-style Terra Tank (made from specialized Temp-Shield fabric), transformer oil can be super-heated to burn off impurities, then transferred into the Terra Tank for storage in a sealed environment. When ready, the cleaned oil is then pumped directly from the Terra Tank back into the transformer – allowing significant reductions in costs and staff time. The Terra Tank is then rolled up and deployed at the next location.

To be used in this application, collapsible oil storage tanks need to be constructed using fabrics, flanges and fittings that are suitable for exposure to high temperatures. The Terra Tank is constructed from Temp-Shield fabric – proven suitable for the containment of sludge, transformer mineral oil, sulphuric acid, PCB transformer oils, 30% chlorine, ammonium hydroxide, ethanol and fertilizer.  It has the additional advantage of being able to store oils up to high temperatures of 130 C degrees.

In addition to its unique fabric properties, another important element is its actual design. Terra Tanks are engineered so that the fabric of the tank always hugs the surface of the contained fluid with only a few square inches of liquid exposed directly to the air. This is an important feature for transformer oil storage as there is virtually no area where water vapour can condense and, likewise, dangerous vapors cannot accumulate, as the tank continuously adjusts itself to whatever volume of liquid is in storage.

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