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Women in Power Leadership Workshop

The PES Women in Power will sponsor a leadership workshop on Monday, April 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the 2014 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference. The cost for the workshop is $395; for students and Women in Power members the cost is $150.

Pamela O'Shea, president of Performance Insights will be the presenter. The workshop will cover:


  • Define Key Aspects of Leadership and Teams
  • Leadership Style vs. Leadership Attitude
  • Differentiate Operational, Transformational and Visionary Leadership
  • Assess Your Performance in Your Current
  • Leadership Position

Visionary Leadership

  • Describe the Importance of Vision
  • Align the Organization and Team to the Vision
  • Demonstrate How to Develop a Team’s Vision,
    Mission and Ground Rules

Leadership Style

  • Diagnose Your Leadership Style
  • Apply the Most Effective Leadership Style to
  • a Situation
  • dentify the Most Effective Leadership Style and
  • Conversation Goal for Conducting Team Interactions
  • Translate Leadership Styles in Team Communication

Individual and Team Motivation

  • Describe Basic Motivation Concepts
  • Differentiate Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
  • Three Levels of Commitment
  • Develop the Keys to a Motivated Workforce


  • Define the Concept of Alignment
  • Apply a Coaching Process
  • Practice Coaching Techniques

Building a Team

  • Characteristics of Effective Teams and Determine

When to Build a Team

  • Develop Skills for Facilitating Teams
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Building Trust to Sustain High Performing Teams
  • Celebrate the Team’s Achievements


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