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Transmission System Analysis

V&R Energy will present advanced consulting services and demonstrate the Physical and Operational Margins (POM) Suite, a fast, flexible and robust software solution for transmission system analysis and optimization in real-time, on-line and off-line environments of electric utilities and ISOs. The company features services:

  • Utilizing phasor measurements to predict system instability and generate alarms.
  • Improving the transmission grid reliability to facilitate integration of the renewable energy.
  • Transmission system optimization to maximize the utilization of the existing infrastructure.
  • Automating and expediting NERC-compliance studies, including analysis of cascading outages, massive N-1-1, N-2 contingency analysis, and transient stability studies.
  • Prediction and prevention of blackouts.
  • Automatic selection and ranking of future system expansion projects and performing cost-benefit analysis.

V&R Energy | www.vrenergy.com
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