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Substation Monitoring Application

Tollgrade Communications, Inc. has announced its new substation monitoring application as a cost-effective way to avoid some of the leading causes of preventable transformer failures. The application is an addition to LightHouse, Tollgrade’s fault-detection and distribution monitoring platform. With the addition of substation monitoring, the platform enables utilities to have much greater visibility and reliability without installing costly backhaul communications like fiber optic lines. Tollgrade’s LightHouse sensors have integrated communications, are hot stick deployable, and only take a few minutes to install. There is no need to roll fiber, de-energize substations or re-wire. Configurable alarms and reports allow utilities to know when transformers are being stressed by overloading or are in danger of aging prematurely due to unbalanced load.

With sensors deployed at the substation, utilities can take also advantage of LightHouse’s fault detection capabilities to know when outages occur and where to send crews for faster power restoration. Information flows directly and transparently into a utility’s existing SCADA, Historian or Distribution Management System (DMS). For utilities that do not have these systems, LightHouse can be installed in the utility data center or hosted as a service. This combined benefit of substation monitoring with fault detection is especially valuable in rural environments where crews have long drive times. By eliminating truck rolls and crew time spent in the field, LightHouse can make a financial impact, removing operational costs and allowing utilities to deliver safe, affordable and reliable energy.

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