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STS cable bus

Real-Size Cable Bus Enclosure at Booth 5030

Visit Booth 5030 to see a real-size cable bus enclosure and to closely inspect samples of various kinds of cable bus, cable tray, walkway and cable support. You can consult with knowledgeable staff on any technical issues and request a quote for a Superior Tray cable bus system.

Superior Tray Systems, Inc. is a North American design and manufacturing business that specializes in complete cable bus systems, cable trays, integrated walkways and cable support systems.

The main product of Superior Tray is cable bus, a versatile power distribution system. It consists of multiple insulated cables, braced inside a rigid ventilated enclosure, allowing the cables to maintain the “free-air” rating. Cable bus can be used to transmit power between switch gear, generators, etc. Additionally, we hold a patent for manufacturing integrated walkway – system combining cable bus and a service walkway, often used in light rail transportation sector.


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