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Measuring, Control and Recording

A. Eberle GmbH, a privately owned high-tech company founded in the 80s and located in Nuremberg Germany, focuses on:

  • Voltage regulation of tap-changing transformers
  • Transformer monitoring
  • Low voltage regulation of distribution transformers
  • Regulation of Peterson coils and Earth Fault locating in MV and HV networks
  • Power Quality measuring and recording
  • Early detection of network breakdowns and monitoring of network dynamics
  • Simulation technology for multi-line systems

With the declared purpose taking care of all measuring, control and recording needs in relation to the power transformer, the company is employing a large number of highly qualified engineers and technicians. The A. Eberle staff is prepared to tackle and solve new, and possible unconventional, tasks in the world of power utilities by working together with customers and partners, to ensure and improve the security of power generation and transmission.  At the IEEE PES T&D event , A. Eberle GmbH is showcasing flagship products like: REG-D, REG-DP, REG-TMM, PQ-IDA Smart as well as the GDA system.

A Eberle GmbH | www.a-eberle.de

Booth 4840

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