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PJM’s Interconnection Process To Clear 300 New Generation Projects In 2024

Jan. 8, 2024
PJM’s new interconnection process aims for more than 260,000 MW of mostly renewable projects to be studied over the next three years.

PJM’s reformed interconnection process is expected to clear 300 new generation projects totaling 26,000 MW in 2024. 

PJM also identified another 46,000 MW of nameplate generation capacity in projects to clear its study process and be ready for construction by mid-2025, for a total of 72,000 MW of projects, mostly renewable and battery resources, expected to complete the process by the said period.

About 40,000 MW of projects, which completed the PJM study process, did not proceed through construction due to siting, supply chain and financing at the end of 2023.

PJM’s new interconnection process introduced in July comprised of 734 projects eligible to be evaluated in the first step, out of which 118 projects were dropped out of the process or did not post sufficient readiness requirements by the due date. The remaining 616 projects were distributed into two work streams. 

Some 308 projects with lesser impact to the system qualified for an Expedited Process, or Fast Lane, with final documentation to be issued throughout 2024. The other 308 projects will be studied as part of the first transition cycle, which will account for the additional 46,000 MW of new generation, expected to clear the process by mid-2025.

PJM’s new interconnection process improves project cost certainty for network upgrades and boosts the overall process to study and introduce new and upgraded generation resources onto the electrical grid in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

The new process aims for more than 260,000 MW of mostly renewable projects to be studied over the next three years.

“Interconnection process reform is delivering on the commitment made by PJM and its stakeholders to speed the study process for the thousands of new generation projects to connect with the PJM grid,” said Ken Seiler, Sr. Vice President of Planning. “While siting and supply chain issues continue to slow the development of new generation resources, there will be a growing number of projects approved for interconnection in the near term.”

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