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Glendale Water and Power Enters Into Agreement To Purchase Solar And Battery Energy Storage

Dec. 24, 2019
Glendale will be part of the largest solar and battery energy storage project in the nation: the Eland Solar and Storage Center.

The Glendale City Council adopted a resolution on December 10 to enter into a 25-year Power Sales Agreement with the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) of which Glendale is a member for a 12.5% share of the renewable solar energy, battery energy storage products, and associated environmental attributes from the Eland 1 Solar and Storage Center in Kern County.

The Eland Solar & Storage Center (Eland) will be engineered by 8-minute energy to provide fully dispatchable power under control of the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power to meet customer demand with reliable cost-effective power-- a capability previously reserved for large fossil fuel power plants. 

The 12.5% share of Eland will provide the City of Glendale with about 25 MW of renewable solar energy and 12.5 MW/50MWh of battery storage. Currently, this will contribute about nine percent to Glendale’s Renewable Portfolio.

“This project will be the largest solar and battery energy storage project in the United States, and Glendale is proud to be part of it,” said Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian. “Our continued partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is important to us, and this is another step toward greater collaboration and our transition to a 100% clean energy future,” added Mayor Najarian.

 “Glendale is on board to transition to a low-carbon future and this is another step we are taking to establish Glendale as a clean energy leader and putting us on the path to achieving 100% of the energy needs of the Glendale community through reliable, affordable and sustainable clean energy,” stated Steve Zurn, General Manager of Glendale Water & Power. 

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