Product Image: CM-UFD.M22M
Product Image: CM-UFD.M22M
Product Image: CM-UFD.M22M
Product Image: CM-UFD.M22M
Product Image: CM-UFD.M22M

Grid Feeding Monitoring Relay with Modbus RTU Guarantees Grid Stability

Dec. 7, 2017
ABB’s intelligent CM-UFD.M*M range with Modbus RTU enables remote maintenance and failure analysis

ABB has launched a new grid feeding monitoring relay with a communication interface that enables users to visualize and store process data remotely, and to perform remote tripping, monitoring and maintenance analysis.

The ABB innovation helps overcome challenges that arise because power grids are not equipped for large-scale energy storage. To keep the power generated and the power consumed equal at all times, renewable energy sources must connect and disconnect to stabilize the grid.

The fluctuations that renewable energy sources bring to power grids make the challenge more complex. Changes in the weather can lead to sudden power increases in the grid that can increase the main feed’s frequency and the risk of a blackout.

ABB’s intelligent CM-UFD.M*M  relay, with Modbus RTU, measures the grid frequency and manages the feed-in process, guaranteeing grid stability to prevent blackouts and protect electrical equipment.

The CM-UFD.M*M with Modbus RTU is a range of high-performance, multifunctional grid feeding monitoring relays, which are installed between the renewables and the grid. If the public grid’s voltage or frequency moves out of permitted ranges, ABB’s system immediately uses a decoupling unit – a contactor or Tmax XT circuit breaker – to separate the renewable energy system from the public grid. It then automatically reconnects as soon as conditions stabilize.

The CM-UFD.M*M range can also detect “islanding”, the loss of the main feed’s power, and can shut down community generators to prevent variations in the frequency and voltage that can damage electrical devices and endanger electrical utility workers.

Simple instructions, presets for local grid feeding standards, and ABB’s intuitive menu structure make installation fast and error-free. And, with remote operation, users receive immediate alerts when the grid disconnects, reducing downtime by up to 60%.

ABB’s CM-UFD.M*M relays with Modbus RTU provide a range of monitoring functions. The units detect over- and under-voltage as well as any changes in grid frequency. Rate of change of frequency (ROCOF) monitoring is easily configured.

ABB offers four different versions that meet all the main international standards.

Further benefits:

  • More accurate measurement and setting 

  • Functional safety with single fault tolerances 

  • Clear multiline, backlit LCD display 

  • User-friendly menu 

  • Event storage built-in 

  • Pre-settings meet the main international grid feeding standards 

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