Batteries Included: Energy Storage Facilities Across the Grid

May 9, 2018
Examples of battery storage installations connected to the power grid

Battery-based storage is experiencing a resurgence thanks to advancements in the technology and improvements in its capabilities. These systems can store more energy and deliver more power than previous batteries could. Maintenance also has been reduced as battery life has increased, thanks to developments in power conversion and the adaption of power electronics found in state-of-the-art ESS.

Following are prolific storage projects already deployed across the grid: examples of Li-ion batteries, DER systems, sodium-sulfur technology and a hybrid plant. These were all featured in T&D World's April Energy Storage supplement. For the complete article with more details on the projects, see "Batteries Included, Some Assembly Required."

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Courtesy of the Village of Minster.
Half Moon Ventures installed a DER system that incorporates a solar farm, LG Chem’s Li-ion batteries and S&C’s PureWave SMS on the municipal utility system in Minster, Ohio.
Energy Storage

Batteries Included, Some Assembly Required

March 16, 2018
Utilities are deploying energy storage facilities across the grid.
Courtesy of ABB.
The Gomera Island DER system uses a 500-kW ABB PowerStore featuring a flywheel-based DER. This solution offers high-speed grid stabilization to keep supply and demand balanced.

DERs and the Grid

March 15, 2018
Technology is now capable of supporting a more flexible and resilient power grid.