CPUC Approves New PG&E Projects to Help Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption in California

June 14, 2018
PG&E receives CPUC approval for two new, five-year programs aimed at accelerating widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption

The California Public Utility Commission has approved two new programs for Pacific Gas & Electric which will increase fast charging options for consumers as well as electric charging infrastructure for non-light-duty fleet vehicles. PG&E will pay for and aid installation of the infrastructure from the electric grid to the charger.

“Through these new programs, PG&E demonstrates our continued commitment to help California meet its climate and clean air goals while making it more convenient for consumers, public agencies and businesses to choose clean, affordable electricity to fuel their vehicles," said Geisha Williams, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation.

Responding to consumer demand, PG&E's Fast Charge Program will pay for and build the infrastructure from the electric grid to the charging equipment for public fast chargers, complementing state and privately funded initiatives. Twenty-five percent of the fast chargers will be located in disadvantaged communities. Additionally, PG&E will offer a significant rebate toward the purchase of fast chargers for customers based in those areas.

Public fast charging is critical to increasing EV adoption as it builds driver confidence in their ability to charge away from home and provides access to drivers who do not have residential charging.

Fast chargers can refuel an EV in 20-30 minutes, compared to level 2 chargers that fuel a car in several hours.

To address air pollution issues impacted by diesel use in the state, PG&E will launch a new program for customers with medium-duty, heavy-duty and off-road fleets. PG&E will partner with school districts, transit agencies, delivery fleets and other business customers, which often rely on diesel for their fleets, which is a highly polluting fuel.

As electric infrastructure is often the biggest expense related to installing an EV charger, this program aims to encourage business customers in PG&E's service area to invest in EV fleets.

More information on PG&E’s EV programs is available at this link.

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