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PSEG jobs
PSE&G is creating 6,000 to 7,000 jobs a year rewiring New Jersey's high voltage power network, making our systems stronger and more reliable.

PSEG is Building a Sustainable Future

PSEG is planning for the next generation's energy needs – with a strong focus on constantly improving how it provides energy solutions for customers and the larger society.

The PSEG 2015 Sustainability Report is its seventh annual Sustainability Report.  The report highlights PSEG's progress in key areas such as strengthening vital infrastructure, creating a more resilient energy system and further improving access to the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable solar power.

An update toward its progress includes:

  • Investing over $2 billion a year in critical infrastructure upgrades – bringing customers the benefits of improved reliability and hardening our electric and gas systems against severe weather while creating thousands of jobs.
  • On top of the need to modernize our systems, society is increasingly demanding cleaner energy – and everyone is looking for ways to lower their energy bills. Since 2009, PSE&G has invested over $300 million in energy efficiency programs – saving enough electricity to power 30,000 homes and enough natural gas to supply 6,500 homes a year.
  • Tackling the challenge of developing renewable energy in ways that are affordable in the short term but help secure the energy future over the long term.
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