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Featured Poll: Should Performance Tax Credits for Wind Energy be Extended?

Probably no other topic has stirred the renewable energy blogosphere more than the topic of production tax credits (PTC) for wind. Wind energy has benefitted from PTC of some form or another since 1992. The present PTC legislation, which credits 2.2₡ per kWh for electricity produced by wind power, will expire at the end of 2012.

Advocates of extending the credits claim that wind energy will wither and die without them. The Obama administration estimates that as many as 37,000 jobs are at stake. Several companies are already forming lay off plans contingent on the PTCs ending. Advocates also often point out that we subsidize big oil, why not wind?

Opponents are concerned that wind PTCs will cost tax payers $1.6 billion in 2012 even though the technology is mature and needs to stand on its own economics. We shouldn't be buying jobs. After 20 years of subsidy the industry needs to go through a withdrawal detox. Please let us know what you think by voting and leaving a comment.

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