PJM Revises Interconnect Deal for 485-MW Birdsboro Power Project in Pennsylvania

PJM Interconnection on June 2 filed at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission an executed, amended Interconnection Service Agreement (ISA) among PJM, Birdsboro Power LLC and Mid-Atlantic Interstate Transmission LLC (MAIT).

The Birdsboro Power ISA supersedes an ISA among the same parties that was filed previously with the commission. The ISA facilitates the interconnection to the PJM system of the Birdsboro Power LLC Generation Facility, which will have a maximum facility output of 485 MW and will be located at 1 Armorcast Road, Birdsboro, Berks County, Pa. Under the Birdsboro Power ISA, Birdsboro Power shall have 485 MW of capacity interconnection rights.

The new Birdsboro Power ISA has revisions that include:

  • the queue position number that corresponds to the interconnection request associated with the Birdsboro Power ISA;
  • a power factor requirement for the 35 MW increase associated with queue position number AB2-112;
  • increased maximum facility output; and

  • revised capacity interconnection rights.

The Birdsboro Power ISA now includes queue position number AB2-112 that corresponds to the 35 MW interconnection request associated with the Birdsboro Power ISA, along with queue position number AA2-115 contained in the prior ISA. The Birdsboro Power ISA now covers both queue positions.

Under the new version of the ISA, on or before June 1, 2019, Birdsboro must demonstrate commercial operation of all generating units. This is a 1x1 combined cycle power plant consisting of one natural-gas turbine and one steam turbine on a single shaft.

A developer contact is: Birdsboro Power LLC c/o ARES Management LLC, Three Charles River Place, 63 Kendrick Street, Suite 101, Needham, MA 02494, Attn: Michelle Brauner.

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