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Overhead Line Structures Conference Opens Call for Papers

EDM's International Conference on Overhead Lines Conference is now open for abstract and paper submission. The conference, to be held in Fort Collins, Colorado, on March 31-April 3, focuses on technologies and resources to support the leading corporate objectives of electric utility companies today: reduce operations and maintenance costs, increase power throughput, and improve line reliability.

To this end, the technical papers will also address the related areas of extending overhead line and component life; reducing design, refurbishment, and construction costs; and ensuring health and safety for workers and the environment. In addition, this conference will explore new technology applications that promise attractive future alternatives for overhead line owners.

Abstracts must include the title of the paper, the author’s name, and a description not to exceed one page in length. Authors of papers accepted for the conference will be informed by Dec. 20, 2013. All presentations at the conference must be accompanied by material to be included in the conference proceedings. The official language of the conference and proceedings is English. Papers should address the overall theme and preferred subjects of the conference. Papers from utility company personnel are strongly encouraged (case studies, successes, or failures), and papers from manufacturers with a utility co-author will be given preference over those without one.

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